New GTA V TV trailer and It continues to impress

Another trailer has dropped, this time geared towards the television audience, as it's only clocked in at a minute long. But it is ripe with new shots, and heavy on the story. It appears like two of the main characters, Michael and Trevor, have been best friends for 10+ years, and that Trevor is one of the major reasons that Michael heads back into the heist game. Franklin also seems to have ties to the two, pretty heavily. I'm not sure if this story info was ever really divulged much, but it's clear they all have some sort of past, or at least know what each other is capable of. The balding blonde haired guy in the glasses also seems to be somewhat heavily involved in the story and heists, as he is pretty excited that Michael is back. The trailer is heavy on showing off the heists, Michael having a meeting with more than just the two usual cast, ripping what looks to be hard drives out of servers, removing glass panes for stealth entrances, and what is definitely a surprise is a Juggernaut style game play segment. Someone is running down the street in full bomb disposal gear with a mini gun, just plain wreaking havoc on everything in his way. Explosions, jets, high speed chases, gun fights, and Trevor smashing his head on a pallet are all in there too. If you're not excited for this game, check your pulse. Watch the trailer below. 

Grand Theft Auto V comes out on September 17th, 2013 on Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

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