Bloodborne - Where to find the Suspicious Beggar (and how to kill him!)

There's a creepy bloody dude on the top of a building with dead people around him, and he's covered in blood. Should you let him in? Probably not. In this video we check out to see if letting the Suspicious Beggar into the Chapel is a good idea. It isn't. So I also show you how to cheese him. Hard. But effectively. Because I learned the hard way, he's strong and fast and a jerk. As always a sub would be greatly appreciated and any type of feedback is the same. More to come! Check out the video below!




Battlefield Hardline - Is it worth it?

It's been a few weeks since the non-Dice Battlefield game came out, and it's gotten a lot of initial appraise. So I decided to take a look into whether or not the game is still worth picking up, the current state of it, and whether or not the game is for you. There are also some nice clips of MG36 domination, and a mighty back rage appearing. 

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Bloodborne - How to beat Vicar Amelia

This video won't be that long, or super informative, as I'm sure if you're playing Bloodborne currently you're past this. Unless you got sidetracked. In that case, here's help on how to beat Vicar Amelia. She's a pretty easy encounter with some good weak points to look out for. Otherwise look out for some more videos either in this, or I'll probably be picking up Dark Souls 2 and doing a How Long Can I Survive? run! Which in reality will probably last until around the first Pursuer fight if I don't summon anyone in. But then again if I try to summon someone, I'll probably end up invaded and then die that way. But that doesn't count, right? Because people are jerks. But anyway, hopefully it helps. And as dirty as it makes me feel to ask, but if you don't mind maybe give the subscription button a press. 




Bloodborne: Hypogean Gaol - How to get Adella the Nun

I put together a quick little video describing how to get to the side quest area of Yahar-Gul, or the Hypogean Gaol. You'll need to find a Snatcher. The easiest one is right outside of the Cathedral Ward, right after you kill the Bloodstarved beast. The, to get to Adella, you need to have killed the Blood Starved Beast, but not have gone past killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, or else it will have been to late to save Adella. They only spawn in specific places. There is one right outside of the Cathedral Ward.  also need to be wearing a certain piece of clothing.
One's that work are: 

  • Gascoignes set
  • White/Black Church set
  • Executioner Garb.
Hope this helps!



How long can I survive Bloodborne: Ep 5

We meet the Blood Starved Beast. I find some good stagger points on him and whittle him down pretty far. Do I end up taking him out? Probably not because he's a bit of a dick. We push all the way down, find some more secret passages, and I get overly excited about it, and probably a bit too cautious. There is also a treat after the ending of the video. Thanks for tuning in!If you like, hit the subscribe button, I'll be doing a lot of different game genres in the future.

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Bloodborne: How long can I survive? Ep. 4

We push further into the fray in Old Yarnham. Werewolves. Werewolves everywhere. And is that a human? Or am I just that stupid. Will I die or won't I? Guess you'll have to find out. Thankfully we had no issues with this episode recording wise. I also seem like an idiot in one part thinking something is something that it completely isn't. What else is new?

We find some shortcuts in this episode, along with finding the stagger points for a couple of the enemies. 




Bloodborne: How long can I survive? Ep. 3

Well, here we are. Did I die? Do you not care? Who knows. We unfortunately ran into more technical difficulties. But, the fact of the matter is that we're pressing on. We clear up some enemies in here, including Gascoigne (unfortunately, not pictured). And I show off some of the points of stagger for some of the bigger enemies, as well as show off some of the next area outside the church. Also, what happens when you bring the Red Jeweled broach to the little girl in the window, as well as where to get your first follower. Check out the video, a little on the longer side, and see how well it goes. 

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