Bloodborne - How long can I survive?

Bloodborne came out on Tuesday, and it's about time that I dove into the game head first and see how many times I can cheat death. From a notoriously brutal game maker, let's see how well I can manage my life. Check it out for yourself

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Battlefield 4 - How to survive a Jet Crash

In celebration of Battlefield: Hardline releasing next week, I figured I'd teach you all how to survive a plane crash in the easiest way possible.
Step 1: Engage in dog fight
Step 2: Get the leg up on the other jet
Step 3: Miss your machine gun opportunity horribly
Step 4: Accelerate too hard in your second loop

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Quick Clip! Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Fail - Suicide isn't the answer here folks

For some reason the Uruk's tend to up and just off themselves. Maybe it's a cultural thing. Who knows. This one wanted to be a bird.

Also a big congratulations to the studio behind the game for winning 'Game of the Year' at the GDC awards.



Press Start - Battlefield Hardline Beta

So the free public Battlefield Hardline Beta went live on Tuesday night of this past week, and I figured I'd give it a download and try to show what you can expect if you decide to play this when it comes out in about  a months time from now. Sit back and enjoy, and decide if maybe it's something you'd be interested in playing.

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Press Start - Resident Evil HD Remake

While I know I'm a couple weeks late but, I figured I would just throw this up. It's the first 20 minutes or so of cut scenes and gameplay from the new Resident Evil HD remaster with my commentary throw in. Watch as I poorly navigate and forget everything about this game. Thanks for tuning in.



Devil's Lair Nightfall Simple Walkthrough

Still playing Destiny? Nigthfall still has to be completed, but you're short a friend or two? Well I got ya covered. Watch as myself and buddy Justin AKA Jada, tackle the first Nigthfall strike with just the two of us. Every boss encounter has a good strategic holding spot. It can be completed if you have to run solo too. Thanks for watching!


Grand Theft Auto V - One snowball too many

Plain and simple, don't fuck with the Police in Los Santos. Even if you're just trying to have some Christmas fun and have a smidgeon of a snowball fight. They fired something else back.