Nike Magista and Adidas Primeknit FS released [UPDATED]

Nike Magista


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Inclusion of Black colorway

It's been a while since I've updated anything, but I have been anticipating the actual release of the new Nike Magista soccer boot, which will be replacing the CTR360. Pictures of the blacked out prototype have been abound in the past few months, along with what is also assumed to be the new Mercurial Vapor, which may or may not be featuring a mid to high top lace up design. But that's another article at another time. Now there's a lot of information to digest. The main being that its a slide on shoe without the traditional tongue or generalized material/shape/linings/etc. It's a new looking material deemed Flyknit, which looks like twine type material. The sole is a basic sole. The ankle material seems to just be sock material, and is probably just an extra addition to give a fitted feel of the shoe. It generally looks like a sock with laces. It's yellow and pink, and some accents of black. I don't know how I feel about it. It's also rumored to have 4 different price levels. The top end being the Magista Obra, which is the mid top cloth looking one. It's also the only one that's been shown thus far. It's also supposed to retail around $300. The Magista Opus, which I'm going to guess is the normal top tier boot like a Vapor, or Phantom, and look like a regular cleat without the sock liner. And then the Orden, and Onda as cheap and cheaper, respectively. 

Overall, Nike is trying to be innovative. I mean I completely understand trying to be cutting edge. In my humble opinion, it's a lot better than what adidas has been doing with their collections and released new colors and designs and ridiculous patterns once every few weeks. It's impossible to keep up with adidas and their consistent urge to mash as much color into a shoe as possible. However, I don't know if I'm really a fan of this overall design. We won't really be able to put any weight behind whether it's a good shoe or not, as I probably won't see or get a hold of one for a couple months at least. I didn't see a release date yet, but it can't be far behind. And I'm sure they're going to be plastering this thing everywhere, as you can expect they're gonna want their pro players like Andres Iniesta to be wearing this thing in games ASAP. But until I actually get to see one in person here it is.

adidas Primeknit

In what was surely an attempt to take away some hype and publicity away from the Nike Magista reveal, adidas revealed on instagram about an hour the Primeknit FS. They already released the Primeknit, which looks like a fully knitted shoe that someones grandma would make.

So this thing was released and it kinda went away, because well it looks like what it does. They had Luis Suarez endorse it with his fingers wrapped around some string with the boot in front of him.

And now they have released, at least a prototype hybrid thing, that I'm going to go out on a limb here, not many players will actually wear, that isn't actually anything yet. But it's hideous. And what happens when you have a Nike, or Puma, or Warrior, or Under Armour kit, and you're wearing this damn thing?

Again, I get that they're trying to be innovative, and that's all well and good, but this thing is an abomination no matter how they try to swing it. The Primeknit is enough of a sway in a different direction to warrant a try for the shoe, but the cleat that goes up to your calf? Personally I have big calves, and my calf socks tend to wear over time and don't stay up after a few months. So what happens if someone with bigger or smaller calves wants to wear this? They're kind of shit out of luck on both fronts considering there's no laces to tighten or loosen the material. 

It's still in it's hybrid stage, but I just don't think that one is going to work out. The regular design has a chance, but the FS seems like its going to fade away with the $400 elite carbon fiber body shoes, the padded head gear for everyday players, and the $250 goalkeeper gloves, and so on. Hopefully these things don't see the light of day.

Two releases today, and one a couple weeks ago. The Nike Magista Flyknit wins out visually, and not because I'm a Nike fan, but because it doesn't look like something my great aunt knitted me for Christmas, then the adidas Primeknit because it still resembles a soccer cleat, and then the Primeknit FS. If and when I get a hold of them, or a friend does, I'll try to write some type of review. 


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