Adidas World Cup Gloves 2014

In what can only be described as "I don't know how to describe it," Adidas has released one of their new gloves, and surely some will follow shortly after. Branded as the Predator Zone Pro, the only info i can give is that of what I see.

Palm - looks to be a multi-latex palm with a thicker added latex on the fingers, as well as a hardened material on the base of the palm for better wear and tear prevention. All in all, outside of the multi color look, I don't see this as a terrible design.

Backhand - its going with the total "Battle Pack" look that Adidas is going for for the World Cup, almost like a checkered pattern. It now also has what looks like a punch pad, maybe made out of rubber, or the same material used on the palm. Outside of the ridiculous pattern, again I'm a fan of the way it looks.

Enclosure - doesn't look like much has changed. Stretch strap, which I'm a fan of. And either Neoprene wrist enclosure, or a better material.

Cut - this one is a negative cut, which is typical of the Pro line in Adidas' glove range. The thumb is a wrap over, and the palm comes under the thumb a slight bit near the backhand. Latex gussets, again the usual.

The gloves look absolutely hideous if I do say so, but it does look like they made improvements on arguably their best gloves. Albeit, at an expense, as well as some ugly upgrades and colorways. Pricing wise, it looks like they'll come in at around $120, while the regular Predator Pro comes in at $85-80 depending on where you buy them. Again, they look awful, but if the improvements on the glove work as well as Adidas hope they will, I don't think I would have a problem with spending an extra $40. Anything is better than the Predator Horizon glove that no one wears, and has unnecessary features to it. Pictures below are taken from prodirectsoccer.com where I've been buying a lot of my own stuff as they have great deals on boots and multi buy discounts on gloves.

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