Nike World Cup 2014 Goalkeeper Gloves

The Nike Goalkeeper gloves were sort of unveiled two days ago. My usual buying website of Prodirectsoccer.com posted Pre-Order pictures of the majority of the gloves. The normal lineup is there, however missing is the GK Confidence. It will probably be added at a later date, but I wouldn't be surprised if the specific model was discontinued completely, as no pros wear the glove, it's wildly overpriced, and the overall glove isn't really all that great anyway. I'd prefer if they made their reverse stitch line more permanent.

Palm - Nothing changes

Backhand - New design. Definitely a minimalist design compared to the heavy embossed features of the previous gloves. The usual different color middle two fingers slides up to the entire finger tips being a different color now, as well as a giant Nike sign on the back of the hand. The pinkie, ring and middle finger also have perforations in them. The biggest backhand change comes to the SGT Premier. Instead of one piece of latex as the backhand, it looks like two now, and the dry fit material is a little more evident, but is missing from the usual places where they would be in the old glove.

Strap - Still looks like the belt lock strap, but is now back to the latex design.

It doesn't look like much has changed, which is a good thing. I like the look. Nothing too flashy, and the redesign is nice. Pre-orders are available now on their site. I couldn't find them available anywhere else. I'm sure other sites, including Nike's own will have them up shortly. Pictures below. Also a bonus pic of David De Gea wearing his new VG3.

Gunn Cut

SGT Premier 

VG3 (Which I think are my new favorites)

(*The pictures of David De Gea are from his Facebook page.The other glove images are from Prodirectsoccer.com. I do not own any of these images.*)

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