Nike Goalkeeper Glove Color Update Winter/Spring 2014

Nike has released, on soccer.com at least, the new color range update for the Nike Goalkeeper gloves, for the winter and spring of 2014, probably right up until the World Cup starts this summer. At that point everything will receive another color change, and knowing Nike they will probably have some type of specialty boot design and glove update. Nike isn't as ambitious at color and design changes, as say adidas. It seems like every year they're giving a complete overhaul to the design of their boots and gloves. Not that it is a bad thing, It's quite understandable that the company is trying to make money. But it is a pain in the ass, if you're like me, and like having the newest gear. But back to the Nike range. I discussed with my friends about what I thought the new colors were going to be. Turns out I hit it spot on this time. All black palm, black backhand, black wrist strap, green finger design, and green mesh/dryfit material. They are possibly my favorite color update ever for any glove. Below are all pics taken from soccer.com, as they seem to be the only ones with the gloves available. They also only have the GK Confidence, SGT Premier, and Vapor Grip3 on the site. They aren't available yet, as they are on back order. They are expected around mid-January, but I would think they'll be available to order a little sooner. For some odd reason, the picture alignment is being a pain, so in order, if you don't know, they are the SGT Premier in the first two pictures, the GK Confidence next, and the Vapor Grip 3 is last.


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