Bloodborne: Hypogean Gaol - How to get Adella the Nun

I put together a quick little video describing how to get to the side quest area of Yahar-Gul, or the Hypogean Gaol. You'll need to find a Snatcher. The easiest one is right outside of the Cathedral Ward, right after you kill the Bloodstarved beast. The, to get to Adella, you need to have killed the Blood Starved Beast, but not have gone past killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider, or else it will have been to late to save Adella. They only spawn in specific places. There is one right outside of the Cathedral Ward.  also need to be wearing a certain piece of clothing.
One's that work are: 

  • Gascoignes set
  • White/Black Church set
  • Executioner Garb.
Hope this helps!


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