Bloodborne - How to beat Vicar Amelia

This video won't be that long, or super informative, as I'm sure if you're playing Bloodborne currently you're past this. Unless you got sidetracked. In that case, here's help on how to beat Vicar Amelia. She's a pretty easy encounter with some good weak points to look out for. Otherwise look out for some more videos either in this, or I'll probably be picking up Dark Souls 2 and doing a How Long Can I Survive? run! Which in reality will probably last until around the first Pursuer fight if I don't summon anyone in. But then again if I try to summon someone, I'll probably end up invaded and then die that way. But that doesn't count, right? Because people are jerks. But anyway, hopefully it helps. And as dirty as it makes me feel to ask, but if you don't mind maybe give the subscription button a press. 



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