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New GTA V TV trailer and It continues to impress 8.29.13 

Another trailer has dropped, this time geared towards the television audience, as it's only clocked in at a minute long. But it is ripe with new shots, and heavy on the story. It appears like two of the main characters, Michael and Trevor, have been best friends for 10+ years, and that Trevor is one of the major reasons that Michael heads back into the heist game. Franklin also seems to have ties to the two, pretty heavily. I'm not sure if this story info was ever really divulged much, but it's clear they all have some sort of past, or at least know what each other is capable of. The balding blonde haired guy in the glasses also seems to be somewhat heavily involved in the story and heists, as he is pretty excited that Michael is back. The trailer is heavy on showing off the heists, Michael having a meeting with more than just the two usual cast, ripping what looks to be hard drives out of servers, removing glass panes for stealth entrances, and what is definitely a surprise is a Juggernaut style game play segment. Someone is running down the street in full bomb disposal gear with a mini gun, just plain wreaking havoc on everything in his way. Explosions, jets, high speed chases, gun fights, and Trevor smashing his head on a pallet are all in there too. If you're not excited for this game, check your pulse. Watch the trailer below. 

Grand Theft Auto V comes out on September 17th, 2013 on Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.

Xbox One to reverse DRM? - 6.19.13


And it has been confirmed, that Microsoft will be making changes to their DRM policies on th Xbox One. What exactly, you can read here

According to, (who's website is currently down at the time of this) Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One will reverse their stance for DRM on the next gen console, and have the same standards to that of the Xbox 360. This includes scrapping the 24 and 1 hour check ins, and used game fees that plagued the system's reputation since the whispers came around. However, the Kinect 2.0 will still need to be connected with the system.

This is a complete game changer for Microsoft, as many have stated their displeasure with the company and swore of Xbox for the other choices. There has not been any confirmation from Microsoft, and the website is down.


Presenting: Xbox One - 5.22.13

After much hype and anticipation, the new Xbox has been revealed, now known simply as the Xbox One. It was rumored it could have been called the Infinity, Fusion, 720, but they decided to go with One, as in the "All in One" console.

So here's what we saw:

The console itself - Touting the actual thing, unlike Sony did for the Playstation 4, it looks like how you would expect it to. It's a big black glossy box, with the Xbox Symbol on it, and some vents. It does look huge, but it's got a lot of tech inside it so it's probably on par with what the PS4 will be. 

Kinect 2.0 - It will be bundled with all Xbox One's, and will apparently need to be connected to the system for the system to work. In other words, if its not plugged in, your new Xbox One won't function properly. It does appear to have enhanced capabilities, better body and facial recognition, and a design synonymous with the new console. 

Games - So far we saw the new Forza Motorsport 5, and Quantum Break, which were actually the only console exclusives shown  almost all EA sports games were shown off in a prerendered trailer form, but with the oddly notable not present NHL series, but did include the new UFC title from EA, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Other than that we didn't see much in terms of games.

User Interface - It looked similar to the Xbox 360, but now everything can be controlled with voice and hand gestures, but can also be done with the remote. Switching back and forth between TV, Movie, Games, YouTube  and back to the home screen are done with ease. Not much else seems to have changed other than that.

Mandatory Game Installation - this is leading to the idea of no used games with the One. When you pop in your new game, you'll need to download the title. Major emphasis on the new. Apparently the new idea behind this, is that you can buy used games, but when you install them from a used disc, you will have to pay a fee. Sounds pretty awful right? There will be more information made available at E3 soon. Microsoft has said they have a plan for used games. If it's anything like what it appears to be, its a botched one. 

Controller - the controller doesn't look too changed, other than maybe being a little bigger, and a minuscule redesign. The buttons are pressure sensitive now, and the triggers each have their own rumble sensor. The battery in the back also moved from the back central, to the top rear part. I really don't understand the use of exterior batteries at all anymore if that's what they're using. 

Backwards Compatibility - the Xbox One will not play your Xbox 360 games. That's all you need to know. 

Blu-Ray - the Xbox One has made the leap from the regular DVD drive to the originally exclusive Blu-Ray drive. So look forward to finally getting to use your Blu-Ray discs on your new One.

TV - Tv and other applications will be an integral part of the system. Microsoft wants to work closely with cable providers to give seamless transition from TV, movies, games, apps, and everything in between. ESPN, and NFL are two major names tacked on to give the One some spark. 

Here's what I don't know yet.

Pricing - they said nothing about this. You have to figure there will be multiple bundles. A base one, stripped of everything good coming in probably around $350-400. A middle Tier from $400-450. And an elite tier probably from $450-500. This is just speculation, but it's what Microsoft has been doing when offering the 360. Different hard drives, wireless vs. wired controllers, games, better headset, customized outward appearance, and a couple other little features. We'll find out more at E3.

Always online - the dreaded words no one wanted to hear. There's been some hush hush talk about it is or it isn't happening. Some have said it has the capabilities to be always on, but they're leaving that up to the developers. Some have also heard rumors that it will be always on all the time period, which is why their would be a connection to your cable provider, and Kinect. This one is still open for talk.

Release date - I along with probably every one else, is assuming late October to mid November. Games are being listed for the systems around then, and it's going to be a holiday nightmare finding these. Which in turn is exactly what the companies want.

Online - a big reason why some people choose to not use the Xbox online is that it costs money to access the Gold membership account. They haven't stated whether or not the pay model will return, but since it's only $60 for a year, I don't see why this won't be back. 

Overall, those are the main talking points. There are a few more, but I didn't consider them to be too substantial. If you have any other concerns feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my knowledge.

Lastly, I hate to say it, but I wasn't really impressed with their conference. Other than some application functions, they didn't say or do anything to wow me. The whole Kinect 2.0 scheme they're trying to pull on the Xbox crowd is going to be its make or break function. I just don't think it's going to work as well as they're showing it to. Especially when what they were doing actually seemed to be prerecorded. The presenter was doing his hand grab to stretch open and close motions while also talking to the Xbox One. Which was fine, except when he said you could do it on the fly, he said something along the lines of Xbox, watch ESPN. It instantly flicked over to ESPN. Sounds fine, and awesome at that. But what was showing? A basketball game. Cool, it's playoff time afterall. Well, it was of two teams not in the playoffs, of which I can't remember. He snapped to a game, which was already in progress of a car driving. Who was playing the game? Why was it automatically playing? Who was actually playing it? Honestly, I don't have a clue. Then back to ESPN. A completely different basketball game. This time it was the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. Two teams eliminated from the playoffs. It was also 10:30 A.M. in Washington where the conference was being held. If I had to guess, at this time there would've been Sportscenter playing. He snaps to a movie which is playing. One cool thing to note, is that he did minimize the movie, brought up a clean UI of the One's dashboard and took an incoming Skype call in a smaller window in the top corner. 

I'm pretty baffled by the press conference. I don't know what to make of the new Xbox One. Part of me is semi excited, and another part is full on disappointed. A company that size, with that much power in their teams, put on a show like that, with few mentions to any notable games other than the yearly releases, and a couple of voice and gesture activated features has me worried for them. I guess, and we'll hopefully be finding out more about the console at E3 in a couple weeks. 

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