Another trek into Skyrim?

Bethesda has announced today that they will be releasing their latest DLC offering for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The "Dragonborn" content will be releasing tomorrow, exclusively for the Xbox 360, with the PC and PS3 versions releasing sometime soon, specifically "early next year," as Bethesda put it..

In more Skyrim news, some info was leaked about the contents of the DLC. Offering new achievements/trophies, armor, weapons, shouts, and a substantial bit of story clocking in around 10 hours, and more. The info was leaked from a supposed beta tester, and has yet to be confirmed or denied from Bethesda. Their info can be found here - The Outhousers - Skyrim: Dragonborn leak

It's been well over a year since Skyrim has released, and in that span, some very heavy hitters have released after it, offering more consistent content releases, or new iterations for existing content. While Skyrim is without a doubt an amazing game, is it really worth it to take a trip back? I personally played it, and lost interest in it. Put in around 60 hours, and a lot of it was very forced, especially dealing with all the bugs and glitches. Maybe when Skyrim is given the eventual "Game of the Year: All DLC inlcuded" treatment I'll pick it up again, but otherwise the game didn't keep my attention like other Bethesda open world titles.

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