GTA V Multiplayer reveal - Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar announced back when they had the game play reveal trailer that more information on the their redefining of multiplayer would come at a later date. Today is that day. What we saw originally in the final few seconds of the 5 minute trailer was a boat load of people causing shenanigans all over the maps. A player walked around an apartment to a floor to ceiling window and caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a traditional GTA race, helicopters floating around, other players just moseying about, and then finished with a fighter jet buzzing the apartment complex, finalized by the commentator saying "... And then there's Grand Theft Auto Online, which we will show you properly, soon..." Well about 21 million views on the Rockstar channel alone, and a month later, we finally have more information.

Everything you do is up to you. And the world seems more like it's own character rather than just another map to waste time on. Below is a list of details from the game, and the full video is below that. 

Mechanics - Movement, cover, moving into cover, shooting, and the weapon wheel and more will carry over from single player into multiplayer. 

Weapon Wheel - Apparently you still have the magical purse from Harry Potter that Hermoine carries around. In the weapon wheel you can carry a handgun, sub machine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, a heavy weapon like a grenade/rocket launcher, and a thrown weapon. There are a bunch of different weapons that can be slotted in each spot. 

Crew - You can either choose to play alone, or form a crew of friends and allies.

Missions - In your crew, or alone, you can complete jobs, heists, robberies, as well as traditional GTA style game modes like Team Death Match, races, and more.

Races - The only solid detail they gave was that you can race in any of the vehicles; land, sea, air. Also I'm gonna assume that the GTA style races will be back where you can shoot each other and blow each other up.

Reputation/Money - Completing all of the above gets you and your crew money and reputation. What you do with this money is completely up to you. You can buy anything from weapons, character accessories which includes clothing, hair styles, tattoos, and accessories in general, cars, garages, and even real estate. Since it's a persistent world, I assume that once you purchase something like a car or weapon that it might be yours forever, so you can pick it back up at your base of operations or your garage. Everything you do in the game earns you some form of reputation or money.

Activities - These are scripted and unscripted things to partake in through the city that were shown or talked about. Some of which have already been discussed.

  • Cliff/base jumping
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Racing
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Missions
  • Heists
  • Apartment Hangouts

Support- Rockstar as proclaimed they will be supporting the game for a while to come by providing content updates, along with user created content. It's still GTA but not even technically part of GTA V. They are considering it its own entity. Online will not be available at launch, but rather two weeks later on October 1st and will be free and no extra charge on top of the game. 

Players - There are a maximum of 16 players, but whether or not you're locked into a server wasn't addressed. 

That's the one thing I'm curious about. If you buy property on one server, do you have it on all servers? Can you be on multiple servers with different characters? What if the server is full and you can't get a crew member in? There's definitely a few questions I have.

Overall, this game looks like it might blow away any competition it will have as a Game of the Year contender. They're packing so much content into this that it's hard to believe anyone will be able to say that it's too short, or that they can't find something in the world to do that isn't fun. I can't sing praises enough about how much I love Rockstar, and how they're one of the few companies that can take as much time as they need to put out a game because everyone knows what they turn out is quality. Only one month left until GTA V hits. I know I'll be counting down the days.

Grand Theft Auto V ships on September 17th, 2013, and Grand Theft Auto Online will be available two weeks later on October 1st, 2013.

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