Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video

Today marks a big day, as the premier gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released. And to put it lightly, holy shit. There's a lot to dissect from the trailer. 

  1. The massive map
  2. Ditching the traditional shoulder buttons to switch weapons for a weapon wheel
  3. Golfing, tennis, cycling
  4. Car customization
  5. Character Customization
  6. Weapon Customization
  7. Sky Diving
  8. Progressive Characters to switch to on the fly - meaning they'll be involved in their own daily activities whether you're playing as them or not
  9. Multiple air crafts
  10. Bounty Hunting
  11. Scuba diving
  12. Choose your path heists, as well as who you proceed with
  13. Tattoos
  14. Purchase of stock and real estate
  15. Grand Theft Auto Online - which appears to be a continuous progressive world, but no further information is provided

Stop reading this and watch the trailer. The Game releases September 17th.

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