Xbox One to reverse DRM?


And it has been confirmed, that Microsoft will be making changes to their DRM policies on th Xbox One. What exactly, you can read here News.Xbox.com

According to Giantbomb.com, (who's website is currently down at the time of this) Microsoft has stated that the Xbox One will reverse their stance for DRM on the next gen console, and have the same standards to that of the Xbox 360. This includes scrapping the 24 and 1 hour check ins, and used game fees that plagued the system's reputation since the whispers came around. However, the Kinect 2.0 will still need to be connected with the system.

This is a complete game changer for Microsoft, as many have stated their displeasure with the company and swore of Xbox for the other choices. There has not been any confirmation from Microsoft, and the GiantBomb.com website is down.


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