Destiny Beta - 5 Point Review

I know it's just a beta, but Destiny is a different animal all together. Coupled with the fact that there hasn't been much released in the past few weeks, nor will there be in the next few, it fits pretty well into the formula. So, here we go.

Destiny Beta

Summary - The plot of Destiny as a whole is still a little unclear to me. Maybe because I don't want to have it spoiled, but I didn't pay attention much in the Beta in terms of story. What I do remember is you are a guardian, awoken at some point in time by your companion Ghost, voiced by Peter Dinklage, and asked to help solve the problem of a violent repressive alien species. I think. It is a little similar to Halo, but I'm not really going to complain. All in all, the Beta was a lot of fun. It feels like an MMO mixed into a Sci-Fi world. Intergalactic travel, fun and rewarded gun play, different classes and abilities, a slew of weapons, vehicle combat, great voice acting. If you didn't get to try out the Beta, I am a little sorry for you. It has me super excited for what's to come in September. 

  • Everything feels fluid, and intended. Movement, recoil, vehicles, specials, environments
  • Ability trees are everywhere, and it's a good thing
  • Multiplayer is different enough to be fresh, and we only had one game type
  • Story missions were repeatable, and easy to track where to go next
  • The Tower gives you the feeling of an MMO without being too overwhelming
  • It is genuinely a ton of fun, and puts an awesome spin on the FPS genre
  • Hopping into a fire team with friends is a breeze
  • The in game vehicles are slightly over powering
  • Single player weapons carry into multiplayer, possibly giving an unfair advantage to specific players. It will hopefully be addressed in the full game
  • Story was somewhat confusing, even for the few hours I spent trying to figure it out
  • Wasn't much enemy variation, but I expect that to change come full release
  • I wanted more!
Should you (have) played it? - I hope you did because it was just a really good time, and an amazing look of what's to come from Bungie. From what I've played, they deserve all the praise and attention they've been getting. So when it comes out, yes you should absolutely play it.

Should you buy it? - Reread the section about, yes you should 100% buy this game. It's an MMO that Bungie plans to support for years to come. Buy two if you have to.

Score - I'm not going to give it a score simply because it was a Beta. It plays like a more defined Halo, with multiplayer added in. Have a dash of Borderlands, Fallout, and any MMO. So whatever you think that equals out to, we'll go with that.

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