Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Multiplayer 5 Point Review

It feels fun again.

Summary - So it's out, and I swore to myself I wasn't going to play anymore Call of Duty games. But, they sucked me back in. After the debacle that was Ghosts, and the less than stellar Black Ops 2, I had become skeptical to say the least. I think if it did turn out to be the Treyarch game after Ghosts, I wouldn't be playing it.But to be honest, it wasn't so much the game that turned me away from playing, mostly the community. I consider myself a pretty great Call of Duty player and I love the competitive play and aspect of the game. But, I have never, nor will I ever be a fan of drop shotting, quick scope, no scope, 360 shot, excessive camping, or anything that isn't really just a guy and his gun and his skill. And you could argue that all of that takes skill, but that's a different topic for a different day. But to get it out there, the multiplayer is fun again. A bevy of new guns, a new mantling and movement system, the double jumps and dashing, the Exo abilities, the pick 13 system, it all feels familiar while feeling fresh and different at the same time. It is a far from perfect multiplayer, as some of the maps are too tight and the spawn system will suffer because of how quickly everything is moving, but I almost don't mind dying like I would in other games, because I feel like everyone is actually moving around and having a ridiculous time flying through the air.

  • New weapons, Exo suits, Perks, Kill streaks, character customization
  • Pick 13 system returns
  • Maps are surprisingly really well made with only 1 or 2 duds in the bunch
  • Fast paced game play. I mean really fast. But also the ability to play "classic" style
  • Future setting without feeling Sci-Fi or campy
  • The community hasn't ruined the game yet
  • That addicting feeling
  • It is a pretty game
  • Spawn system suffers
  • Some weapons feel really underpowered
  • That "you're putting a 100 bullets into someone and they don't die, then you get killed on 2 and perfect aim and no recoil on the kill cam" feeling is still there and it is still frustrating
  • Verticality is a huge and fun part of the game
  • New game modes are fun but they're nothing to go crazy over
  • I'm still confused why I'm unlocking things, and then losing them a few matches later
  • The community still sucks regardless
Should you play it? Yes - Especially if you took a game or two off, to me at least, it feels new and fresh and I swore off the series. If you like FPS games, it will keep you addicted for at least a few months

Should you buy it? Yes - Again, it's that same addicting feeling of Call of Duty and will last a few months. If need be wait till Christmas and ask for it then. Just be prepared to be harvested by veteran players come December 26th.

Score - 8.75

This is for the multiplayer section of the game only. There are single player campaign, as well as a survival mode. They may be coming later. Also, I will be releasing some videos on Youtube hopefully soon so you can see some gameplay and impressions. Thanks

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