GTA V Special edition unboxing

Grand Theft Auto V has been released, and it is all anyone is doing nowadays. I sprung for the middle tiered Special Edition copy of the game, coming in at a retail cost of $79.99. For the special edition, you get:

  • Metal game case
  • Blue Print Map
  • Digital upgrades
    • Special abilities for each character regenerates 25% faster
    • Bonus outfits, tattoos, deals from in game vendors
    • Free special weapons at Ammu-Nation
    • Stunt Plane Trials
It's nothing too special, but I don't mind springing for extra in game stuff like that and a pretty cool blue print map. One pretty cool thing I have found out through reddit, is that holding a black light to the blue print map will show secrets about the game. Since I don't have a black light, here is the link to the reddit post about the message GTA V SECRET BLUE PRINT MESSAGE. There's also a map included with every game with two sides. One being the full map in the game, the other side being a zoomed in more detailed look at downtown Los Santos. Below are some poor quality phone pictures I took with my phone. They're also kinda shitty because I was way too excited to start playing the game and could care less about the proper positioning and good lighting. Shame on me, I know. 

Anyway the game so far is awesome. It truly feels like an open world, with so much to do. I've done a couple missions, and driving around as Franklin is a ton of fun, especially with his special ability to slow down as he drives. Overall all it's kind of overwhelming so far. There really is so much to do, that it would be difficult to spell everything out at this point, especially considering I'm only about 3 hours in. I'm going to attempt to get a review out in relative time. Probably some time around when GTA Online starts up, that way I can incorporate it into the review. IF you haven't picked up the game, go do it now and enjoy. 


The box

All the Contents

 The Blue Print Map

Downtown Los Santos Side

 Full Map

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