Nike's New Goalkeeper Glove Colors

After some research, and speculation, I think the images that have surfaced for the new colorway might be somewhat true. I saw images of David De Gea and a few other goalkeepers a little while back and thought nothing of it, as it was probably just another ad campaign for their new clothing with some flashy glove colors thrown in. I mean who thinks they'd throw out a solid colored backhand design after they've gone with the multi-colored split finger design for years to date. But I was snooping around today after finding the new Casillas Adidas SMU, which to be honest I'm a little upset I didn't wait for and bought the regular negative cut on an impulse, and found another picture of a different glove in their range with the same color scheme. And I kind of like it. Generally when I find offbeat color updates on various sites, they're just the cheap versions with the random colors thrown in. However, this was the Nike Gunn Cut, the kind worn by De Gea, as well as a few other Nike endorses, and I'm almost convinced this might be the official color release that will be shown in the next couple weeks. 

Below I will post images of the new adidas Casillas SMU, as well as the new Nike Gunn Cut images I found.The Nike photos are courtesy of ProDirectSoccer.com, and the adidas photo is courtesy of Just-Keepers.com. You can find the rest of the adidas 2013-2014 on the Just-keepers website, minus two gloves in the range - the Horizon, and the Ultimate.

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