adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper Glove Color Update

It appears as if the adidas website has released the new color update for the famed Predator Pro Negative cut glove. The backhand of the glove is extremely different from what it has been the past couple colorways, and is vastly different. Spotted on Iker Casillas on the Real Madrid Facebook page, but I don't think anyone expected it to be available so soon, as it's not yet out on Soccer.com, or any other notable product website. I will be buying these as I'm due for an update, and will have a new review up soon after a few games. Check the link below for full details, and purchasing from adidas themselves.

adidas Predator Pro Negative Cut 5.16.13



It looks as thought they've added in a completely new glove to the range called the Predator Horizon. Seems to be a more form fitted glove, longer at the enclosure, and with a different wrist strap coming in at a whopping $150.

Check that link below

adidas Predator Pro Horizon


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