That One You Missed...

So I'm stuck at work, and I got to some thinking about the ones that have gotten away from me. There's been a lot of great games that fell by the wayside, or I was too infatuated with a particular series while growing up to expand my gaming library.

With reading one of Gaminformer.com's staff pieces of Games you didn't know you wanted until you had it, mixed with the recent end of the world mumbo jumbo, it got me thinking about games, or game series I could have potentially missed out on enjoying. So here's my list of top 5 games/series I wish I would have played, had the world ended on 12/21/2012:

5 - Diablo/Metroid Series - This is a tie at 5 because to honest, I couldn't really decide. A buddy of mine and his dad used to play Diablo when we were younger, and that's all he played for a very long time and I used to adore it, but never was into PC gaming much as a kid. And with the release of Diablo III, I was severely tempted to get into it, but after reading some mixed reviews of an extremely short campaign, and not much else to write home about, I decided to stay away.
Metroid, I never really even heard of until later on in my teens. It was a little past due as well, I just wasn't interested. Not that I thought they were bad games, until the more recent ones that I've heard nothing but bad things about, I just never got involved in this series. Only a small amount of regret here, especially after watching the Gameinformer.com Super Replay, kind of made me mad I missed such a huge game. But, I move on. 

- Chrono Trigger - This game, I plan on playing actually. I'm a huge fan of RPGs, especially the Final Fantasies, and I love the art of the game. I've heard nothing but love for this game, and that fact that it has high replay value makes it a game I know I need to play. It's just another one of the games I never really heard about until I got older. It's definitely one I will pick up at some point, my love for the genre won't allow me to go the rest of my life without seeing this one through. 
3 - The God of War series - A rough one to admit, as this list is becoming more and more painful to write. Being a big Sony supporter, it seemed like this would be a no brainer. Alas, I haven't played them. I think when they started to come out, I was into the SOCOM, and the Playstation 2 Metal Gears, and Madden. I loved Madden in the Playstation 2/Xbox Era. They took a lot away from games I didn't know about. I felt more comfortable with titles I'd heard of and played, rather than things I had no idea of. With the upcoming release of God of War: Ascension, maybe I'll borrow a friends God of War: HD collection and see if I can bang them out in a week. I'm starting to realize, maybe I shouldn't have spent so much time with Madden.

2 - Ico/Shadow of the Colossus - Another Playstation 2 era gem set. Ico is a game I am always reminded of. Ending up on people's favorite games list, that generations must play games. I don't know if I would be terribly interested in the game really, kind of just one of the games you feel like it's a necessity to play. Another HD collection I'll need to eventually grab.
I remember back in High School when Shadow of the Colossus came out, I actually asked for it for either my birthday or Christmas from my girlfriend. She wasn't really into gaming, she wasn't at all actually, but she thought that Shadow looked like such an awesome game and was going to get it for me, but she eventually saw something more fun for the both of us, probably like a beach towel, or a digital picture frame, or a lamp. Anyway, I was disappointed, but more so now looking back on the great game I could have enjoyed. This one I have to play.

1 - The Zelda Series - I know, I know. My biggest offense by far. I just was never really a Nintendo guy past the SNES, and at my young age it never really dawned on me how major of a title these were. Seeing it now, and how people rave about the games, I really regret not getting into it. I just never could talk myself into buying a Wii, Gamecube, or N64 (even though I ended up with this one late in its lifetime), and justify it with one or two purchases. Now with the Wii U, I'm even less interested. In what feels to me like a half-assed attempt at a head start on Next-Gen, I can't scrounge up the change to buy it. Maybe I'll borrow someones Wii, who I'm sure isn't using it, and download a good chunk of them from their store. Who knows, maybe one day I'll fill the void of Zelda in my gaming life.

So that's my regret list, some pretty heavy hitters, and I'm pretty ashamed of myself. But all we have is time and maybe I'll get around to it. Who am I kidding, have you seen the lineup that's being released in the next 6 months? So what about you? What games are you sad you've missed out on?

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