Dark Souls II is coming... Prepare to die again.

In what I can only describe as complete euphoria, I have just learned about Dark Souls II. For some odd reason, I didn't process the information when I read about it, and reread about it on the way into work this working. Words cannot describe my elation.

The announcement came way of the the VGA's on Friday, something I didn't get a chance to watch due to a late work night, soccer game, and night with the girlfriend. I now find myself grinning from ear to ear knowing that there will be a sequel to one of my favorite games of this console generation, and possibly ever. A game about taking time to understand its core game play, understand the mechanics, and learn from your mistakes. From you many, many, many, mistakes.

The announcement has definitely come as a surprise, especially with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC releasing not too far back. What would appear as a possible downfall however, is the original Dark, and Demon Souls, the spiritual predecessor to Dark Souls, game director will not be returning. Hidetaka Miyazaki has stepped aside from the series, at least for this iteration, but the game will stay in its original studio of FROM Software to be created by the same teams.
New features including server based multiplayer, a supposed greater emphasis on story, and new challenges along the way. While the announcement of not having Miyazaki on the project is a little disheartening, I feel as if the team at FROM has the knowledge of the game well enough to move on froward without him. My excitement for the game is now through he roof, and upon my arrival home, Dark Souls will be popped into my Playstation 3, and we will be spending some quality time together later.

At this time, there is no release date that I am aware of, but I would expect summer, or next holiday release window, with the possibility, if rumors of next gen are true, that it could also be a next gen title. Here's to welcoming death.


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