To Whom it May Concern: Getting Lost (8.11.2010)

In what was surely some of my darkest moments, I found a life line to pull me up through the mud and put me back on my feet. I guess, even though unfortunate to say, losing my grandfather a couple of weeks ago has made me a stronger man and showed me that at any place, time, rain, or shine, you can be here and gone in a heartbeat.  I believe this beating heart has kept me looking towards the sky and expecting more and more from myself. I guess I am not where I thought I would be at this point and time in my life, but what is
life without a few bumps in the road. I mean, how do you expect to find anything new if you’re not willing to get lost once and a while? Getting lost and finding some new things has led me to another new found happiness. While I believe I was happy before, I always harbored a form of anger in my heart thinking that nothing would ever give, that nothing would ever fall my way and that everyone else got the breaks. And you know what? It doesn't give or go fall my way, I rarely catch a break , and I am so fine with that, that I could cry and smile to the heavens and thank everyone who ever loved me, hated me, hugged me when I was sad, or talked badly about me behind my back. While tears of joy stream from my face, I’m reminded that I have an amazing family and friends who will always have my heart in their hands and will never let it fall. So, while I know I haven’t written anything in a while, I guess I was never compelled to because everything just seemed to be zipping along. But while I now swear I will continue to finish what I started, I will leave you with
this bit of info I have adopted. If you don’t have a smile on your face, don’t bother me. If you’re a miserable fuck just because, please don’t bother me. If all you care about is the negative side of life, please, please don’t bother me. And if all you care about is yourself, don’t bother me, and fuck off. I have come to this conclusion; that life is too short to fight, argue, hate, blame, and bicker. Live your fucking life to the fullest because god only knows when you’ll be gone. Live for each other, live for every moment, live to be happy, and live because all we have is today and what we will make of it. Because god knows, from now on when you see me, I promise you I will  have a smile on my face, ear to ear.

“I believe, that my life’s gonna see, the love I give return to me.”

R. Francis

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