To Whom it May Concern: Comfortable (4.7.2009)

You just gotta believe. Every day of your life is more than likely a struggle. I know that for me it used to be just getting up. But taking a few thoughts from “Yes Man,” maybe sometimes you just need to say yes and go with everything that gets thrown at you. You never know when something good might happen to you, and if you sit around wondering what if, I will assure you, you will regret it. Maybe put the whole yes man thing to a test if you need to. Here is what I am saying this time around. The possibilities of random are amazing. I know a lot of people have been in the dumps lately or just kind of not really looking on the brighter side of life, and to them I say go back and read my “Starting Over” page. Remember, everything with a smile and a heart filled with love. Everything happens for a reason, and now I believe this more than ever. I pretty much took a punch to the face from my former self not a while back, and haven’t looked back. When you are down you just need to hold on. I can assure you the light is coming and it will shine bright you just sometimes need to look for it in other places than you normally would. To put what I am trying to say in context because I think what I just wrote is a retarded jumble of words that I really do not know if it makes sense or not. So quick list: Random is Good (sometimes), Smile and keep your heart filled, look towards the light it will set you free, and Just Hold on, please keep holding on, your time will come I promise you that. So now I will tell you a story about something that has recently happened to me that made me realize how my outlook on life has worked (again read ‘Starting Over’ if you haven’t). Most of you know me well enough to say that I am not a night life person, on occasion I have fun but I prefer quieter times. Now I went home to get a haircut on the weekend, and I will say Bobby Boots does do a phenomenal job cutting up the Faux-hawk and attempting to make me look like a Euro footballer. Anyway I dare to say now that everything is meant to be. Everything happens for a reason. And fate is waiting around every corner. I know that when times are hard it’s hard to want to turn the corner but if you can manage to just hold on something will grab onto you and shake you so hard you’re world will be turned upside down. I met with a few old friends and head to another friend’s house. Low and behold fate was staring at me. There have been times in the past when I would have given up without a fight, but not that this time. Everything that night happened for a reason. I said to myself I am not walking out until I make everything right, and finish what I had been longing to even start. And the thing that helped me the most was just to let me be me. Let the new and improved me just shine through. Remember smile and love? Yeah, that played a pretty big part in it too. As of right now I cannot even begin to explain the pure bliss that has been ensuing for the past few weeks. I feel like I picked up right where I left off and didn’t skip a beat, even though it has felt like my heart has skipped a few because god damn it has been that amazing so far. Every day that it keeps going I can just feel this void that has been missing in my life being filled more and more, and I can only see that great things will come from this, and this is something I am more than positive of. So I can promise you this, live your life with a smile and make sure you leave your heart wide open with love. It may be risk but it is such a risk worth taking. If you don’t think that you’re going to make it one day, please do me a favor and everyone else in your life a favor and just hold on. I almost let go a few times but managed to stay alive as long as possible, I let gravity release me and now it doesn’t hold me down. And now if you see me, my feet won’t dare touch the ground. 

“I believe my life is going to see, the Love I give, Return to Me.” 


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